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 Our passion at the Center of Medical Excellence is bringing to you the most advanced international standards of medical care in FAMILY MEDICINE, INTERNAL MEDICINE, GENERAL PRACTICE, and OBSTETRICS and GYNECOLOGY.

  We also have visiting Specialists in ORTHOPEDICS, ENT and CARDIOLOGY.

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                      Dr. C.L. Bryan is an American Board

                      Certified Specialist in Internal

                      Medicine (Internist) since 2004 and

                      fully trained at McGill University,

                      Montreal. Dr. Bryan who is also

                      fluently bilingual (English and French) was in November 2012  advanced to a position of Fellow at the American College of Physicians (FACP). He was also in 2014 recertified with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) upon successfully completing all of his Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.

Dr. Bryan's specialization includes

care of patients with the following


Diseases of the Nervous System

Diseases of the Skin

Diseases of the Heart and


Digestive Diseases

Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder

Diseases of the Endocrine (Hormone) Organs

Diseases of the Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Contact: clyde.bryan@mail.mcgill.ca




  Dr. Emanuel Brooks is a Cuban trained and licensed Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Brooks is also fluently bilingual (English and Spanish).

Contact: mbrooks_1@hotmail.com



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Tel: 264 497 0765  

                      Excellence is Just the Beginning.


Exercise Stress Test
Pulmonary (Lung) Function Test
Obs/Gyne Ultrasound
Facial Asthetics
Family Care
24 Hr On Call Service


We provide:

Family Care.

24 Hour On Call Service.

Exercise Stress Testing for Cardiac Risk Assessment.


Pulmonary (Lung) Function Test for Asthma and other Lung Assessment.


OBS/GYNE Ultrasound for Female Health Assessment


Office assessment for EKG, Urine, Stool, Pregnancy, Blood Glucose (sugar), Strep Throat, Rapid HIV and others.


New Services Include:




Gentle Cosmetic Procedures and Botox treatment.


Professional Counseling

Visiting Consultants and Specialists

Dr. Alva Smith, Cardiologist

Dr. Camicas, ENT

Dr. Alwin, Orthropedic Surgeon

Dr. Grandison Knox, Chiropracter

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             Dr. Nicholas Carbon is

                a Cuban trained Family Physician

                who is certified to practice in Dominica and Anguilla. He practices with the Atlantic Star Group in Anguilla. Dr. Carbon is also fluently bilingual (English and Spanish). Contact: NicholasCarbonSr@hotmail.com



           Dr. Richard Etkin is a US

              trained Specialist in Obstetrics

              and Gynecology.

Contact: santobianco@yahoo.com









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